our product range

know how from a to z

A anode hooks
anode bags
anode baskets
Exhaust fans and scrubber made ​​of PE, PP, PVC and PPS
Valves made ​​of various materials
B container made of PP, PE, PVC and PVDF in all sizes
Stainless steel container, steel and titanium
Bag Filter
C Chemical pumps of all kinds
D Dosing
E Electric immersion heaters of all common materials
Spare parts for all products from our product range
F filter devices of all kinds
Cartridges of all kinds
Filter paper
Filter cloth for filter presses
Flat cable cars and lines
G Rectifier all kinds
Galvanobarrels of all types and for all existing plant
Gear motors
DC motors 6/12 Volt
Electroplating all types and sizes
H manual systems
Hull cell pvc
Coils made ​​of titanium, stainless steel, steel
Heating systems
I injector
K Contact Copper grease
Cooling coils in all dimensions and materials
Cable Connections for Galvanotrommeln
Plastic structures of all kinds
L laboratory rectifiers
Lab benches
Air washers
M Mixing container
Magnetic pumps of all sizes
O Oil separator
Oil Skimmer
P pumps of all types and services
PH Meters
R agitators
Round container
Rollers, bearings and guides, plastic
S spray. – and rinsing in various materials and designs
Special vessel
Control technology for electroplating
T titanium anode baskets, hooks
Submersible Pumps
Contact cable drum
Drums of all sizes
Drum sets
U Circulation
Converter for electroplating
V valves of all kinds
W trays made ​​of all materials
Z centrifuges