50 Jahre Erfahrung und Qualität Made in Solingen

On 20.01.1963 the private firm Herbert Stamm KG was founded. The production of equipment and devices for the graphics industry, prepress, and plastic apparatuses from semi started. For many years this was the main business of the company and after the start of an old carpenter, has been expanded by several parades in suitable premises.

In 1978, then took over as manager of the founder's son, Jürgen master the business as part of a then founded KG. A machine developed for high-pressure cleaning of printing cylinders of offset printing machines Impressed then for many years, the success story, there are thousands of devices were also exported to more than 50 distributors worldwide.

By the mid-eighties consummated until the early nineties the introduction of digital technology in repro and printing sector had reorganized production, made ​​on other products, which is the area of ​​the plants made ​​of plastic, around the electroplating today comprises mainly. As a supplier, of vessels and equipment for the plastics industry, electroplating, surface technology, you can still make a name against numerous competitors.

Since 1995, now the son Christoph strain in the third generation, so the company does business. We thank all our customers for many years of loyalty and trust, hope to continue our successful cooperation and mutual success in the coming years.